Street Light

View from my place.

Lazy Me - Georgetown


Mtv EMA '10

Please keep on voting 30 Seconds to Mars here


Another piece of my so-called life.

BBC Radio 1 Lounge - 30 Seconds to Mars live

This is for the Mars family,
if you want to re-live the last most fucking amazing hour
go  HERE.
It's the 30 Seconds to Mars live show at BBC Radio 1.
It's all for you just for the next 7 days.
The live starts at 1:03.20.

Le petit port de Massa Lubrense

Rainy days

I love the sound of the rain.

NoT What You Think,

This is only a strange point of view.

Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević

Just another form of Art, he is creating...