Hurricane - My representative screencaptures : random ideas.

" Hurricane - the film " is one of the most incredible music video i've ever seen in my whole life.

The gimp is something that derives from yourself.

This represents hypocrisy of the society.

Find the key to yourself.

When Hurricane was out, Jared asked for us to share the picture that represents better the video.
The last one  i posted , in my opinion, is the one that does it better.
What does it mean?
It's hard to explain.
It explores so many feelings and emotions which are all linked together.
The most important thing in the whole video is the "key",
it represents the access to the own freedom ,
and this case it's the music as a form of Art ,
as the expression of the creativity, as the expression of who we are.
For some of us it is like we're blocked or burried in something,
it's like we're living in another world untill we find the key to ourselves.
Good and Evil derive both from ourselves.
You cannot choose .
The only thing you have to do is to find the key ,
the expression by which you can be truly yourself without fear or pain.
It's all about speaking our mind without warning,
being free to let our deeper desires and thoughts come out ,
but at the same time there's the mean part of it all.
It's really interesting seeing as feelings, emotions, dreams,desires,thoughts,secrets
can be both the good and evil.
the more they're deep, intense,true and pure,
the more it's hard to keep them calm -that's why " this hurricane is chasing us all underground"-. Our true passions are on the edge , between the good and the evil
when you live them in full experince
they take control of you and
make you act in a wrong way
and that's when
they'll burry yourself in the middle of nothing.

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