Thirty Seconds To Mars Performing at the Sunset Cove Amphitheater on Sunday (April 24) in Boca Raton, Fla.

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Ke$ha - We R Who We R - Screencapture .


Spring... i don't feel that way.

Questions about GT-?-

1-Early entry no more included in GT.
2-Early entry re-offered in GT.
3-Now, the Early entry doesn't work how it did 4 the Into The Wild Tour.
I read  lots of feedbacks about GT experience @ North America Mars show and they say all the same thing. People who bought GT had no chance no more of getting the first line at barriers because there's a sort of section  where GT Owners have to stay. Some people said that they were threatend -by i don't know who- to be expelled from the show if they had gone in another section than the one where they had to stay.
Most of these people said that this kind of GT experience is not so exciting because it's like "you're not so really into the show".
I don't know if this story is true, but i don't agree with this kind of solution 4 gt owners.
People pay lots of money 4 GTs and they don't do  it because of the Meet and Greet experience or because of the gadgets.
Most of time people buy GTs to  be able to enjoy the show from the first line , to  to be in a good central section or to not do long queues.
When you offer a certain service , you can't change the rules. You have to give people what they paid for.
We spent lots of money to get our closer experience why are you taking away this opportunity?
What's the real problem?
Why can't Gts work  how they always did?
You said you found solution but you know what? This is worst than before.

I didn't buy #2 & #3 Gt package beacuse 
the side stage experience is not what i wanted.
I wanted a closer exp. but i also wanted to stay into the crowd.
Jumping , singing ,enjoying the show with the family.
You know that's not the same.
I 've been saving money
since i don't knon when.

And now i just feel like sad ?!?-i don't know how to explain- because of that.
Please find a real solution.

Tomo Milicevic

Tomo Milicevic -White Night-
Picture taken by Daniel Carberry.

What I Really Think About " This Is War" Music Video.

I have to say the truth. I don't like this video , i think there's something wrong or there's not enough , i don't really know how to express it. It's not Mars style, not Epic, it does not take the breath. It's a cliché and straightforward. I don't know ... i just  expected something more; " This is war " is  a very intense song , when i listen to it i don't feel that's the war , that one of soldiers among countries. I feel more like it talks about all the obstacles you meet during life. It's not a physical fight or an army one. It's a fight between you and your limits, when i read "fight to death" i feel like that stands for "we won't stop believing and dreaming , none and nothing can put us down, we will be strong untill we reach our bourne". while the video .. it tells a story in a very common way not how 30 Seconds To Mars do.
Maybe i don't like just because i feel
 TIW in my way.
Anyway i really miss Bart Cubbins' style.
He's not in this video and i feel it.

Screencaptures from " This Is War " Music Video .

Screencaptures from " This Is War " Official Music Video
by Thirty Seconds To Mars .

Random Ideas : Leaked "This Is War" Video

As many of you noticed,today on This Is War-the video- was shared by someone who recorded it -in a very low quality-, the video was recorded while it was on tv transmitted -by accident-by a Russian television network. In my opinion there's something about it all.
1-I don't understand how it's possible that a tv network can make a mistake like that.
2-If the whole story is true , this will bring lots of problems.
3-One only person ready to record the whole video -transmitted by accident or announced-?
4-It's not Mars Style Video. It's a cliché and straightforward .
5-It's not Epic as it should be. It tells a story in a common way not how 30 Seconds To Mars do.
6-I don't like the video . I miss Bart Cubbins.
In the post below you can find some screencaps from the video.
Maybe this is just a joke or maybe i  run too fast with my fantasy.