Random Ideas : Leaked "This Is War" Video

As many of you noticed,today on youtube.com This Is War-the video- was shared by someone who recorded it -in a very low quality-, the video was recorded while it was on tv transmitted -by accident-by a Russian television network. In my opinion there's something about it all.
1-I don't understand how it's possible that a tv network can make a mistake like that.
2-If the whole story is true , this will bring lots of problems.
3-One only person ready to record the whole video -transmitted by accident or announced-?
4-It's not Mars Style Video. It's a cliché and straightforward .
5-It's not Epic as it should be. It tells a story in a common way not how 30 Seconds To Mars do.
6-I don't like the video . I miss Bart Cubbins.
In the post below you can find some screencaps from the video.
Maybe this is just a joke or maybe i  run too fast with my fantasy.

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