What I Really Think About " This Is War" Music Video.

I have to say the truth. I don't like this video , i think there's something wrong or there's not enough , i don't really know how to express it. It's not Mars style, not Epic, it does not take the breath. It's a cliché and straightforward. I don't know ... i just  expected something more; " This is war " is  a very intense song , when i listen to it i don't feel that's the war , that one of soldiers among countries. I feel more like it talks about all the obstacles you meet during life. It's not a physical fight or an army one. It's a fight between you and your limits, when i read "fight to death" i feel like that stands for "we won't stop believing and dreaming , none and nothing can put us down, we will be strong untill we reach our bourne". while the video .. it tells a story in a very common way not how 30 Seconds To Mars do.
Maybe i don't like just because i feel
 TIW in my way.
Anyway i really miss Bart Cubbins' style.
He's not in this video and i feel it.

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