What's Echelon?

I don't know where to start.
All I can say is that these 3 guys got into my heart in such a deep way that
I can't describe - I can't find words to tell you what they mean to me.
- They did it in silence -
I didn't know what was happening that day.
That day, that music knocked on my heart door and
from that moment
I've never let Her go.
It seemed like She knew everything from the beginning.
She gave me the streight to keep on believing and dreaming
in every single important thing.
It has been
- like suddenly I was nomore alone,
-like finally  there was someone else
who told me -you 're right , keep on following your way-.
Every Special thing about this family is true.
Echelon is not only a name to point Mars supporters.
Echelon is much more you can imagine.
Echelon is a belief , a lifestyle.
Echelon is the expression of the soul of a strong dreamer and believer.
Echelon is something you are born with ,
something you can't change or reject.
Echelon is battling to feel alive.

Echelon is life.
Echelon is something you belong to for the rest of your  time.
Echelon gives you the chance to live life in full experience , costantly on Revolution.

Echelon means to believe in yourself and live your dreams.
Echelon means you can always find the strenght to get up on your on feet.

There's nothing you can't reach.

Oh my Mars boys,
Thank You.

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