Thirty Seconds To Mars won Best Alternative + Best World Stage Awards at Mtv EMA 2011

30 Seconds To Mars thank you speech to the Echelon

Hey guys , what do you say?
 We won, we won,
 we won , we won ...
we won best alternative band ,
we got the award on the red carpet we didn't get the chance to say everything we wanted to you
because we were in the moment and
 the moment was really quick and fun and fast and...
but Thank you we're so greatfull
 this award is really it's your award it's the Echelon's award
 it's not just ours we're accepting on your behalf and I think our deepest thanks really goes to all of you ,
the Echelon, for showing us that dreams are possible you've made that so clear to us
we're so greatfull and what an amazing way to end this incredible journey,
 not at the ending yet but almost there so
Thank you we appreciated we love you guys so much and we will see very soon

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