MARS Faith

What is faith?
Some years ago I didn't know what faith was.
Some years ago I met Mars.
Some years ago I changed my mind.
Some years ago I found my Faith.

What I've learnt from then on is that it's really strange how things change.
I used to think faith was just something related to god,
I used to think there could never be something else above religious things that could fit  perfectly with this word: faith.
I was very wrong.

But what does Faith really mean to me?

It's something you completly trust in.
And you don't know why or at least you cannot find a way to express it.

Something you love and makes you smile even in the saddest moment.
Something that's always around in your life
even if it's not
you always find and see it in someways (even the strangest one).

It's something you can always count on.
Something that makes you go forward
gives you the strenght to get up 
everytime you fall apart.

Something that makes you dream
and believe.
Something that makes you think that
it doesn't matter how strange your dreams are
you should follow them and try to
make them be your reality.

It's something that
is always there for you
when there's no one else.
Even when you don't deserve it.

And if you have Faith
let Faith influence and inspire your life
you will always find a good feedback around the corner.
You will always find the good side even if there isn't.

I've found my Faith in MARS.
And no, I'm not talking about the band or the music itself.
I mean the attitude, the sense of life and belonging and the message behind Art.

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