Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.

Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams is an album about exactly those four things.
It's a concept record not a traditional narrative, but a concept record about what I think the four elements of life itself

 the equivalent of earth, wind, water and fire.

I think that love, lust, faith and dreams are four things that you can't live without, they are essential ingredients in life itself, and this is an examination of those four things and how the interplay between them, the experience of them exists for me and for us in our lives as I think that this album is transformative and that it's not just a rock record and I do believe that

I think that it's more expensive than... it's not just guitars, bass and drums.
It's a quite bit more than that so. And that's what we set out to do.

It doesn't have to be bigger, it can be smaller as we think that this album is a new beginning.
It feels like our last album This Is War was the end of an era and this is the beginning of another, a good place to be when you've made four albums. 

We sent our song to space because we wanted to celebrate this chapter of our lives, we wanted to do something different, we wanted to dream bigger and it was the experience of our lifetime.
I'm so glad that we did.
We worked with a wonderful group of people, people that are dedicated to spending their lives to make the impossible possible.

I don't know what future holds, we're so focused right now on Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.
It just came out four weeks ago and it's getting a great response.
We're really happy about that, we feel really fortunate to have so many commited passionate people around the world that are supporting us, that believe.

It's really wonderful because when you make music, you make things, you make art and you share with people.
It's a conversation, so it's nice to have a two way conversation... I mean if I had one thing to say I would say
 thank you and we love you guys.

-Jared Leto.

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